Friendly request for all radio operators :

Please join KISS Action Group :D

Don't like codes or ham jargon so much? Neither do I. I think they make speech unclear and ugly. But then please join KISS Action Group.

KISS Action is a simple matter. Just use plain talk on air whenever it is reasonable. Use codes only when really needed.
Please use common language also on forums and on other written text. It is so easy.
There is no mailing lists, no membership forms, no extra work. Just better communication for free.

Please don't expect other operators to understand or use codes. KISS Action Group is not against codes. It is against social pressure to adopt them.

If you really want to use traditional ham code-language, by all means, use it! Codes have social aspect. If you like it, it does not bother me at all. KISS action is only a friendly reform.

So why the stupid name KISS Action Group? I consider this subject should not be taken too serious. If you ever get blamed not to be real ham or something similar, you can always say "But I belong to KISS Action Group!". After that statement... it is quite hard to take it too serious.

All the best!

Tarmo, OH6ECF

"Mother! Can you hear me?"

Be advised. Belonging to KISS Action Group may cause the risk for laughing when heavy use of technical terms is heard. If this happens while using two-way radio, DO NOT TRANSMIT. Do not push ptt-button. If vox is used, disable it immediately. Transmitting while KISS-caused laugh may lead to Social Interference Syndrome, SIS, shortened as QSIS.