Geegy Little Machinegeegy3.jpg

Geegy Little Machine is... a geegy handheld machine.
It is mainly a portable radio beacon, meant to be attached to backpack. Maybe it also have receiver some day. (A pray for Sparkfun)

Main parts are Teensy 3.1, AD9850 and nice little color tft-display from pjrc
Body is made of aluminium and rubber.

AD9850-board is running directy from battery (3,7v), with 125 Mhz oscillator. Reason I mentioned this, it is guaranteed to work only with 5V source on 125Mhz. It seems to work happily.
AD9850 is controlled directly from Teensy, which have 3.3v logic. No trouble.

This is currently at early stage. Here it transmits some THOR, with function described at THOR from AD9850. Exactly same function works here and on General Learning Machine.

Next generation:

I assembled this hack to case of old Nokia 2110 phone and changed to simple OLED-screen for better usability outd
someIdeasoors, and lower power consumption. I even made working keypad with tape etc: it is working really badly... I kind of like this project. I think "screensaver" of "phone" explains my feelings.
Currently this is not in usable state, still protohack.
What I really want to do, is a pair for GLM: GLM working as base station and this on field. Maybe some day. When writing this, GLM is under total rebuilding, I think it is third time now rebuilding GLM. So that one day will not come soon.

As you may quess, this have something to do wit KISSB.