KISS action is a light reform on radio amateur communication

KISS action is aim to make communicating on air with speech easier, and to learn more about foundations on human communication.

In light form, KISS action is making communication easier with plain talk, instead of making it difficult with unnecessary jargon. It is so easy.

In deeper form KISS action is aim to learn communicate in air better, to became a better radio operator. And it is aim to learn receive messages from other humans better. And you are so welcome to join KISS Action Group.

In community side, KISS action is meant to make expressing and receiving thoughts light. There are enough difficulties on radio communication: different backgrounds, different cultures, noise, distance and many emotional barriers.
Your first language is another operators second or third language. Who's first language is ham jargon?

In fundamental side of communication KISS action deals with fuzzy logic. Human brains have enormous processing power, ability to extract lost information of corrupted message from somewhere else than message itself.
Indeed, from where is this information coming? Our natural language have a genius error-correction algorithm. Do not corrupt that.

"We really should not use too much q-codes on ssb" is common wisdom, which we often hear or say. I felt that it would be reasonable to give a name and form to this wisdom, to make it a "a thing".

So how to join Kiss Action Group? Just read "KISS friendly request" and try to follow it. That is all.
Tell to your friends also if you like. There is no mailing lists, no membership forms, no extra work. Just better communication for free.

All the best!

Tarmo, OH6ECF